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The Rose City Cigar & Soul Festival is the signature event presented by THE ONYX EXPERIENCE. The Onyx mission is to provide opportunities for like minded individuals to forge connections, grow personally and explore collectively. The Rose City Cigar & Soul Festival is a pioneering gathering designed to unite people through the love of cigars, music, and vibrant networking opportunities. Set in the scenic Portland Metro Area, this festival aims to elevate the cigar culture while offering an immersive experience featuring cigar makers, distillers, musical talents, and local brands.

The culture of cigars is rich with history and tradition and is one of connectivity. A conversation over a cigar is an equalizer between complete strangers from different races, genders and walks of life. A unique combination of art and pleasure, cigar smoking has been associated with some of the most powerful and influential people in the world and seen as a symbol of status and luxury. The Inaugural Rose City Cigar & Soul Festival will bring together multiple cigar groups, cigar enthusiasts and music lovers from the Pacific NW and across the United States. Business professionals, influencers, entrepreneurs and music lovers will visit the Rose City to coalesce and share insights and experiences all brought together by the lighting of a fine cigar. 



From a young age, Ericka has been driven by her innate creativity to craft bespoke experiences for those around her, igniting moments that linger in the memory. With over three decades of expertise in hosting, catering, and orchestrating trips for large groups, she has mastered the art of transforming ordinary occasions into extraordinary adventures. A lifelong enthusiast of humanity, the arts, cultural diversity, and refined indulgences, Ericka's passion culminated in the establishment of The Onyx Experience in 2018.

Ericka Is a multifaceted individual, blending the roles of creative, entrepreneur, coach, change advocate, and professional. A self-proclaimed foodie and devoted mother, she seamlessly navigates through corporate, entertainment, and entrepreneurial landscapes, infusing her work with a creative perspective. Beyond her corporate and community pursuits, Ericka is also an accomplished songwriter, producer and singer, having graced stages alongside some of the world's most renowned musicians.  

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